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Cangym Badges 1-4

A 1-1.5 hour (depending on level) long fun and energetic program incorporating most of the standard gymnastics events (vault, bars, beam, floor)

The program is designed as a progressive gymnastics program. Each level incorporates different progressions that must be mastered before moving on to the next, more difficult, level of gymnastics. Athletes are evaluated and recorded throughout the session in Uplifter.

When re-registering, check the participants achievements at week 8 of the session to know what level to register your participant in.

For each class, parents can expect a 15-minute warm-up & stretch and then groups will separate into levels. Each group will use different pieces of equipment as per the coach’s daily lesson plan.

Please keep in mind that many of the more difficult levels can take several sessions to complete.

  • Introduces children to fitness and the fundamentals of gymnastics with an emphasis on building not only strength and flexibility but also developing skills, form, technique, and confidence.
  • The program incorporates vault, bars, beam, and floor.
Girl balancing on a beam

Cangym Badges 5 & 6

A 2 hour program

  • Level 5 & 6 gymnastics skills are perfected
  • New skills are introduced to the program
  • Participants must have successfully completed badges 1-4 before moving on to badges 5, 5.5 & 6
Helping Hand

Cangym Badges 7+

A 2 hour, twice per week program

  • For athletes looking for more of a challenge
  • Working to perfect level 7 and higher gymnastics skillsĀ 
  • Athletes must have successfully completed badges 1-6 before moving onto badges 7+.
Little boy jumping

Canjump Levels 1-4 (Ages 5+)

A 1-hour class focusing specifically on trampoline and tumbling

This fun and dynamic program consists of foundational Trampoline and Tumbling skills. Participants are engaged through skills that are introduced and built upon as the athlete’s skill level increases. The program has been designed to incorporate strength, flexibility, and gross motor development.

Athletes can expect a 15-minute warm-up activity including stretching. After warm-up groups will work on various skills on the trampolines, tumbling run, fast track, and double-mini trampoline. A cool-down activity is done in the last 5 minutes of class.

  • Athletes will develop body and spatial awareness skills, build coordination, and improve agility
  • Coaches incorporate free-play in the foam pit into their class time

Advanced Canjump Levels 5-10

A 2-hour advanced Canjump class

Continuing to build on the Canjump program, intermediate gymnastics skills are perfected and Advanced skills are introduced in this fun and challenging class. Athletes will begin to learn aerial movements on the floor and trampolines such as back handsprings and flips.

Girls stretching

Pre-teen (ages 10-12) & Teen Gymnastics (ages 13+)

Following the Cangym program fundamentals, these classes incorporate all gymnastics equipment. There is emphasis on skill development as well as confidence. Athletes will learn and develop at their own individual pace. No previous experience is required to join these groups, we have a variety of skills levels that participate.

Inclusive Gymnastics

Child is in a class of approx. 6-8 children with other groups around. They will follow the routine, attempting the same skills as the rest of the group. Modifications will be made for their success. Interaction with peers is encouraged. It is required that for the first 3 classes, someone over the age of 16 (parent/guardian/aide) accompany the athlete to ensure their success in learning.

If you would like a one on one within the group there will be an extra charge. Athletes are welcome to provide their own aid if an extra coach is not required. If you are unsure if your child will need a one on one coach, please book an assessment with our program supervisor.

Please contact GP Gymnastics for more information,



Private Classes

Our Private and semi private classes are available as Ā½ hour or 1 hour classes. To book a private recreational gymnastics lesson please call GP Gymnastics.

For more information on the program contact GP Gymnastics at


AGF Registration Fee

Please note that all participants in any program are required to pay AGF registration fee annually. Competitive athletes may have a higher fee. For more details, please visit the Registration page.

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