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Urban Gymnastics & NinjaZone

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Urban Gymnastics & NinjaZone

Ninja zone is a combination of obstacle training, gymnastics, martial arts, and freestyle movement. 

Click here to visit the website and see a video of this great program in action!

Parents love NinjaZone!

  • Focus their energy
  • Confidence for any challenge
  • Awesome way to build grit

Lil’ Ninjas (ages 3-5)

Lil’ Ninjas is the the entry level to the all-new sport discipline inspired by gymnastics, martial arts, obstacle training, and freestyle movement.

Class goals: Listening skills, confidence, trying new things, working through frustration, and manners. We do all this through a strategic mix of skills and progressions.

Ninja Training (ages 4.5-11)

Children learn a combination of flips, rolls, jumps, and kicks. Strength and agility are tested through obstacle courses and various training techniques.

A progressive level system evaluates and advances children on their skill and knowledge of core values as described in the NinjaZone creed.

The levels of NinjaZone are defined by the headband colors of White, Yellow, Green, and Blue.

NinjaZone Parties

NinjaZone parties are awesome! They are a great option for birthday celebrations. We set up courses for time and speed so that all party attendees can test strength and compete with each other in a fun and safe space. All licensed NinjaZones are fully padded and prepared for the most rambunctious kiddos!

For children ages 4-11. Age limits are for the safety of the participants and our coaches.

Two-hour party package: $200

Spend one hour in the gym with our fully trained gymnastics instructors. This is a structured party in our main gymnasium and does not include parent participation. The package includes one hour in the party room after where you can bring cake, ice cream, games, etc. The Party room is located upstairs, and the hour in the room includes set up and take down time.

*Parties are booked upon request, please contact us for more information at

AGF Registration Fee

Please note that all participants in any program are required to pay the $35 AGF registration fee annually. Competitive athletes may have a higher fee. For more details, please visit the Registration page.

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