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Adult Gymnastics

Recreational Registration Online Registration-Fall 2022

Adult Gymnastics (Ages 18+)

All levels are welcome for our new adult gymnastics. This program is designed to allow adults to participate in a gymnastics program and learn skills on most gymnastics events. This program will be based upon each individuals goals and allow all athletes to work at their own pace. Our certified coaches will give you the drills and progressions needed to help you achieve your goals

Wednesday 7:00pm-8:30pm

$210 per 9 week session + Annual AGF insurance fee

AGF Registration Fee

Please note that all participants in any program are required to pay the annual insurance fee, or $16 for a drop in class insurance (we will swap you to full year insurance after more than 2 drop ins with what you have paid toward insurance prorated on the annual fee). Competitive athletes may have a higher fee. For more details, please visit the Registration page.

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