Grande Prairie Gymnastics

Annual General Meeting. Tuesday October 29, 2019. 5 Pm

About Grande Prairie Gymnastics

Our History The Grande Prairie Gymniks Club is proud to be a part of the Grande Prairie community for over fourty years!

The Grande Prairie Gymniks Club was founded in 1973 by a group of parents including Dr. Bob Waldenberger and Diana (Kuhlman) Tissington, who shared the same passion for gymnastics. Bethe Goldie, currently Physical Education instructor at the Grande Prairie Regional College, pioneered a tradition of coaching excellence the Gymniks can be proud of. In 1980 the club became a registered society.

The Gymniks initially trained in ‘set up, take down’ multipurpose facilities. The GPRC gymnasium served as the Gymniks first training center. Many years later, the Club moved to a Richmond Industrial Park 3000 sq. foot multipurpose center located next to Tartan Auto Body. The first ‘dedicated space’ facility was acquired though the purchase of a 10,000 sq. foot warehouse located behind the Quality Hotel in the industrial park.

In September of 2005, the Gymniks moved to their new world class 50,000 sq. foot gymnastic training center considered as one of the biggest, state-of-the-art gymnastic training centre’s in the country.

The Gymniks have produced numerous provincial champions as well as three national champions:

  • Rhonda Wilson
  • Kelly Ottenbreit
  • Erin McCabe


We’re dedicated to meeting the needs of every athlete, from casual tumblers to competitive athletes.

The world of gymnastics and cheerleading offers a variety of programs, including:

  • Professional instruction for competitive artistic gymnastics, trampoline and tumbling, and cheerleading
  • Recreational programs for gymnastics and cheerleading
  • Government licensed pre-school program combined with gymnastics or  cheerleading
  • Tumbling for dancers
  • Urban gymnastics (parkour) recreational programs

Our Vision

To inspire a foundation of excellence in our community.



For pre-adolescent children, gymnastics remains one of the best activities for overall development of agility, balance, coordination, strength, and flexibility. It incorporates a wide variety of movement skills to make it perfect for ‘one-stop shopping’ in physical literacy.

Tip: Children’s gymnastics programs don’t usually feature competition, and your child doesn’t need to aspire to compete at the Olympics. Most kids have fun with basic gymnastics, and if you want one program that develops a wide range of core skills, gymnastics is it.

Meet Our Team Each and every one of us is dedicated to meeting the needs of every athlete,  from casual tumblers to competitive athletes!

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