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Recreational Cheerleading Programs

Our recreational classes offer an opportunity to “try out” a cheerleading program without all the financial and time commitments that all-star (competitive) teams require. During the 9-week session, students learn the fundamentals of cheerleading including stunting, tumbling, jumps, motions, dance, and formations.Below you will find a variety of programs for ages 3 and up. Cheerleading welcomes a variety of skill levels from beginners and on!



Tiny Cheerleading (Ages 3-6)

A 45-minute introductory cheerleading class for preschoolers and kindergarten aged children. Time is spent on skill building to ensure safety and sound development of fundamentals. Basic stunting and tumbling, jump technique and motions. Great intro to cheerleading!

Cheerleading – Barracks

A  9 week session of beginner cheerleading focusing on fundamental skills of cheerleading for ages 6+. Basic stunting and tumbling, jump technique and motions. Great intro to cheerleading!

Sundays 1:00pm-2:00pm

Wednesday 5:00pm-6:00pm

$165 per 9 week session + Annual AGF insurance fee

Contact GP Gymnastics for more information!

Cheerleading – Half year team – Force

The half year team offers a longer session than the 9-week cheer Barracks program, and offers a little bit extra for those ages 8+ athletes wanting more of a challenge for a longer period, while still maintaining the flexibility of being in a recreation program versus a competitive program. Contact GP Gymnastics for more information!

Competitive Cheerleading Programs

All-Star cheer is one of the fastest growing competitive sports in Canada. Competitive cheerleaders do not cheer for a specific school or sports team. They cheer for themselves and for the love of the sport. Athletes work towards perfecting a two and a half minute routine, which includes acrobatic stunting, tumbling and dancing. Competitive cheerleading is a great way to improve your strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. Being a valuable member of a team is a great way to build self-confidence and develop social skills. Competitive cheerleading is the ultimate team sport, as it relies on every member of the team to be successful. Our cheer teams follow the United States All-Star Federation (USASF) rules for cheerleading.

The Gymniks All-Stars cheerleading program goals are:

  • To give young athletes the opportunity to benefit from a challenging level of training and competition.
  • To offer a challenging and rewarding program that will stimulate the personal growth of each athlete involved.
  • To develop the best cheerleader possible.
  • To proudly and tastefully represent the Grande Prairie Gymniks

The Club level of competition in Western Canada is growing dramatically. It has to be understood that it is far from being a recreational program. The coaching staff expects a lot of determination, discipline, and dedication from each athlete. The coaches will emphasize physical, technical, and mental development with each cheerleader. The training sessions will be very challenging and will require great concentration, determination, coachability, and self-discipline from everyone involved. The coaching staff is receptive and happy to help young athletes cope with the demands of the program. Our primary goal remains the growth of each individual.

For more information on the Cheerleading program please contact Lindsay Morrison at

AGF Registration Fee

Please note that all participants in any program are required to pay AGF registration fee annually. Competitive athletes may have a higher fee. For more details, please visit the Registration page.

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