Grande Prairie Gymnastics


Drop In Regulations

  • Long hair must be tied back in a low ponytail
  • No gym, food, or other drinks allowed in the gym
  • No jeans, dresses, or clothing with buttons, zippers or snaps allowed (it is a safety hazardĀ  and wrecks the equipment)
  • ALL personal belongings including purses, cell phones and keys may not be brought into the gym. We have lockers in the change rooms, you must bring your own lock or rent one from the front desk
  • Cameras are permitted in the viewing area. (No Flash is allowed)
  • Participants must sign in at the front desk and pay prior to entering the gym.
  • Participants must sign the rules and regulations prior to entering the gym.
  • ALL participants must arrive within the first 5 minutes of class. After 5 minutes your spot will be given away and you will not be permitted to go into the gym
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