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7:12pm April 7th, 2021 [Facebook]

As we mange our way through these difficult times, and start to see an end in sight, where we can all be back to a more normal, we need to start the process of healing (however that may look for each of us) and taking moments in each day to understand that our lives have changed, temporarily, long term and some permanently. It has not been an easy journey for many of us, especially the younger ones, the adjustments, changes and uncertainties have been (at times) terrifying but one of the things that has stood true through all of this, is that we are one family when it comes to gym. Families, athletes, coaches, staff, volunteers (flipper included) and all others that enter this space.

Whether in person or online, these times have been pulling at the very fiber of the gym and we have all felt it, one way or another and at times it has been tough not to react, not confront or simply say what needs to be said. So here we are, a year into this dilemma and on a path to a more normal summer (hopeful) so now more than ever, we need to take our minutes each day to understand we are all in this together and we are all going to come back into this space, as a family, watching the athletes, coaching the athletes, working together as one, doing what we can to assist each other over the final few months.

Something I see as I walk into the gym, I take a second at some point each day to look at it, it may need a little updating (and may sound a little harsh) but the core of its value is still true, we as a society are here for you our families and for you our staff and coaches, we all need to understand this and be mindful of it.

I am very hopeful for Better Days, very soon but until we are there, we need to be each other’s support in however we can on any given day.

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