Grande Prairie Gymnastics


11:58pm November 2nd, 2020 [Facebook]

We hope you all had an awesome Halloween, learned how to build a candy shoot ? ? and remembered to set your clocks back ?… We also wanted to send out a few reminders:

Session 1: Last Saturday and this week (except Monday) will be the last week of Session 1 recreational gymnastics. There are no Saturday classes this weekend. There was one Monday holiday in Session 1 so next week there will be all regular Monday classes.

Session 2: Registration is open and classes are filling up, Session 2 will start up on November 14th, just under 2 weeks away so make sure you have secured a spot.

Remembrance Day is next Wednesday, all competitive programming and Kinderym will be off for that day.

AND, we are working on our Virtual Christmas Show, it will most likely not be live but well-rehearsed and will be sent out to everyone by the second week of December. Competition is already heating up between Cheer, T&T and Wag –

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