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All-Star cheerleading is surging in popularity as one of Canada’s fastest-growing competitive sports. Unlike traditional cheerleading, All-Star athletes don’t represent a specific school or sports team; they cheer for the love of the sport and personal achievement. Perfecting a dynamic two-and-a-half-minute routine, participants engage in acrobatic stunting, tumbling, and dancing, fostering strength, flexibility, endurance, and coordination. This ultimate team sport promotes self-confidence and social skills, relying on every member’s contribution for success. Gymniks All-Stars cheerleading program adheres to the United States All-Star Federation (USASF) rules.

The Gymniks All-Stars cheerleading program goals are:

  • To give young athletes the opportunity to benefit from a challenging level of training and competition.
  • To offer a challenging and rewarding program that will stimulate the personal growth of each athlete involved.
  • To develop the best cheerleader possible.
  • To proudly and tastefully represent the Grande Prairie Gymniks

The Club level of competition in Western Canada is growing dramatically. It has to be understood that it is far from being a recreational program. The coaching staff expects a lot of determination, discipline, and dedication from each athlete. The coaches will emphasize physical, technical, and mental development with each cheerleader. The training sessions will be very challenging and will require great concentration, determination, coachability, and self-discipline from everyone involved. The coaching staff is receptive and happy to help young athletes cope with the demands of the program. Our primary goal remains the growth of each individual.

For more information on the Cheerleading program please contact Lindsay Morrison at

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