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6:59pm April 16th, 2021 [Facebook]

Hey everyone, join in and spread the word!

The Spring Dignity Drive is Underway!
The four Rotary Clubs and Rotaract club in Grande Prairie have teamed together to collect new/unused underwear and socks for homeless and street-involved people, as well as others who would benefit by having these items.

Why underwear and socks? Access to clean underwear and socks is essential for one’s comfort, health, and hygiene. Wearing clean underwear and socks also contributes significantly to one’s sense of value and dignity as well as one’s confidence and motivation to aspire. This fact applies to all people but is especially applicable for individuals who are attempting to transition out of homelessness and away from street-related activities. Underwear and socks are the most needed staple clothing but are the least donated items to centers that shelter and serve homeless and street-involved individuals.

Please consider donating New underwear and/or socks in any of the following ways:

– Purchase and Drop off at Costco (exit door), Best Western or Keddies anytime before April 30th

– Donate $25 by sending an email to Pam and asking her to add it to your Rotary invoice

– Drop off at Centre 2000 parking lot during our reverse drive this Saturday, April 17th between 11 am and 1 pm.

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