Grande Prairie Gymnastics


10:22pm February 6th, 2021 [Facebook]

Sunny and Cold – But we hope you are enjoying the weekend!

As we announced on Friday, we had outlined plans that would start coming into place on February 8th. As of this morning, there have been some additional changes to restrictions (for the better) and we will be working on revisions through the weekend but we also need a few clarifications that may not be resolved until Monday. Based on this news, please look for an update on our latest plans, mid day to late Monday afternoon.

We are very excited to be moving slowly back into the gym in some form but how that will look, we will not fully know until Monday. Enjoy your weekend everyone and let’ get back to tumbling and all things Gymnastics & Cheerleading.

PS: anything you had booked for next week as Gym time, Private lessons (Recreational) or Toddler time, these are still booked as planned.

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