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General Information

The women’s artistic gymnastics program is the most recognizable competitive gymnastics program. The popularity of the sport of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics as it is known today, is largely due to the performances of Olga Korbut of the USSR at the 1972 Olympics, and of Nadia Comaneci, of Romania at the 1976 Olympics, in Montreal. Both Olga and Nadia captured the attention and imagination of girls all over the world, resulting in the most rapid growth of any sport in recent history. The reason for this popularity can most likely be chalked up to the ability of the sport to build upon the lively movements and grace of youth. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics is an incredibly challenging sport, demanding strength, power, flexibility, agility, courage, and a combination of technical precision and artistic creativity. When these elements are mastered, the performances appear almost effortless and are riveting to watch.


  • Vault: Gymnasts fly through the air executing precise twists and somersaults over a table shaped structure.
  • Uneven Bars: Gymnasts perform continuous movement between two raised bars of uneven height resulting in a series of swings, twists, somersaults and handstands.
  • Balance Beam: Rhythmic and fluid, dance and acrobatic movements are performed across the length of a 4-inch wide beam.
  • Floor: Creative dance elements and tumbling maneuvers performed to music utilize the entire floor space

Developmental and Competitive Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

WAG coach job posting Dec 2017 – permanent full time

We are constantly evaluating athletes in our recreational program for more advanced classes. We also offer open tryouts at various times throughout the year pending class availability. Your child may be invited to a testing event or you can attend the open tryouts where they will be tested on their physical abilities as well as their gymnastics skills. After testing, the child could be placed in a more advanced class, or will be asked to continue on in their existing gymnastics program. The coaches are looking for a particular skill set including strength, flexibility, coordination, and technical abilities. Along with the physical part of gymnastics, our coaches evaluate work ethic, listening skills, if the child works independently, social skills, attitude, parental support and cooperation, commitment to the sport, and if the child shows the ability to progress with their gymnastic skills. Sometimes athletes join the developmental program only to find it is not for them. Competitive gymnastics is very demanding and is not for everyone, but we do have a place to accommodate all ages and abilities within our wide variety of programs.

For more information on the competitive women’s artistic program, please contact Jamie Clinton at

AGF Registration Fee

Please note that all participants in any program are required to pay the $35 AGF registration fee annually. Competitive athletes may have a higher fee. For more details, please visit the Registration page.

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